The Cheese Chopper - your store and slice cheese device!

For years consumers have been persuaded to buy overpriced, low-quality pre-sliced/grated cheese because of a lack of better options.  

Slicing it with a knife is not only dangerous but nearly impossible to get an even slice! If the knuckle grinding act of grating cheese isn’t enough of an inconvenience for you, then you have to try and wash that big bulky grater!

After you get through all of this you are still left with yet another inconvenience -- what do you do with the rest of the block?  A giant gallon ziplock or a Tupperware container two sizes too big?

All of these add up and eventually the overpriced pre-sliced and pre-grated cheese doesn’t look like such a bad idea...

The Cheese Chopper kicks that whole process to the curb and revolutionizes the cheese game.  You place the entire block of cheese on the tray, slide it in the box, and you’re off slicing and shredding away!

The thumb drive wheel allows you to adjust the thickness of each slice and the guillotine style design ensures its an even slice every time!  If your craving some nachos you just swap out the wire handle for the Grater attachment and shave off as much as you need!

When you’re done, you depress the handle, snap on the lid, and put it in your fridge! In between blocks clean up is a breeze, The Cheese Chopper is dishwasher safe and can be completely disassembled without any tools!

We have started the manufacturing process for Cheese Choppers and expect our first delivery of Cheese Choppers in April of 2020! 

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-Mr. Cheese