PRE ORDER NOW - Expected delivery late-August 2020! ! Raised $100,436 on Kickstarter!!

Raised $100,436 on Kickstarter.

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Less Money - Better Cheese.

No more paying twice as much for lower quality cheese that has been caked with preservatives, anti clumping chemicals and who knows what else.  

Get that Grade A Chedda and Slice or Shred in Style! 

  • Easy to Use. Easy to Clean.

  • Perfect Slices Every Time.

  • Safely Shred that Ched!

  • Store in an Airtight Container.

Cheesy T-Shirts!

Men's Cheesy T-Shirt

Men's Cheesy T-Shirt

From Regular price $20.00

Women's Cheesy T-Shirt

Women's Cheesy T-Shirt

From Regular price $20.00


What type of cheese fits in the Cheese Chopper?

We've designed the Cheese Chopper to fit all standard blocks of cheese. No Cheese left behind!

How do I win a free years supply of cheese?

If you pre-order the Cheese Chopper you are automatically entered to win! We will deliver a block of cheese of your choice to your doorstep every single week. We also will be holding a Cheese Joke competition and the most liked/shared  joke will also win!