The Cheese Chopper

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Pre-Order your Cheese Chopper Today and be entered to Win a Year Supply of Free Cheese!

That’s right, you read that correct!  If you pre-order your Cheese Chopper today not only will you be the first one on your block to slice and shred in style, you will be entered to WIN A YEARS SUPPLY OF FREE CHEESE!

Cheddar, Colby Jack, Pepper Jack it's up to you! A block of cheese a week for a year!

The Cheese Chopper comes with not one, not two, but THREE handles - a wire, a blade, and a grater. Truly your one-stop cheese device. 

The entire Cheese Chopper has no screws and easily disassembled, fully dishwasher ready. Fast and convenient to slice cheese, and equally easy to clean it! 

Pre-order yours today!! 

*Estimated Delivery late-September 2020
**One year supply of free cheese = 1 block/week delivered to your door.