ūüßÄ International Add-Ons + Manufacturing Update + Cheesy Joke ūüßÄ

Holy Guacamole Cheese Nation!!!  

You are sure showing your Cheese Chopper love by goblin' up those discounted Cheese Choppers faster than a block of Tillamook Cheddar!! 

US Customers

Just a reminder you have less than 24 hours  (ending 6/18 9:00AM PST) to add a Cheese Chopper to your order for only $25!!!!  Just go to our website, click the "Kickstarter Backers" product page, and use promo code KICKSTARTER to get an additional Cheese Chopper for $25 and FREE shipping!! 

URL: https://cheesechopper.com/products/the-cheese-chopper-kickstarter-add-on


International Customers

We are sorry for the delay with your discount. We have been working with our shipping partner to make sure everything pencils and we have good news!

We have made you a special promo code for free shipping at our early-bird pricing of $30 for orders you would like to add to your Kickstarter Order for the next 48 hours until June 19th, 9:00am PST!  

Just go to our website, navigate to Global Kickstarter Backers, and use promo code CHEESECHOPPERWORLDWIDE. The discount for free shipping will be taken out at the checkout - this code is good for 48 hours!!  

URL: https://cheesechopper.com/products/international-kickstarter-add-on


Thanks for your patience and support!

Manufacturing Update 

We have just got word from the factory they are finishing the molds so we expect the first few off the line in next week or two for final testing!!

ūü§£ Cheesy Joke ūü§£

" Did you hear about the Backer who didn't order an additional Cheese Chopper for only $25??? "....

How DAIR-Y !!!¬†ūü§£

-Mr. Cheese 

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