🧀 Kickstarter Extension + Upcoming Stretch Goal This Friday! 🧀

🧀 Yeeelllooowwww Cheese Lovers! 🧀

Mr. Cheese here to bring you some GRATE news during these uncertain times! 

As you know the Cheese Chopper campaign is shredding our expectations and Kickstarter has granted us a one-week extension on our campaign!!   Don't worry, this won't delay your Cheese Choppers!

On top of that, given your outstanding support, we are working on a special stretch goal giving each and every one of you a little something special!  

Stay tuned for stretch goal announcement this Friday!! And as always...feel free to help us spread the cheese!

🧀 https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tatekoenig/the-cheese-chopper-worlds-best-all-in-one-cheese-device?ref=1gshlk 🧀 

Stay Cheesy Friends.

Mr. Cheese



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