🧀 Manufacturing Update - Apologize for the Delay 🧀

🧀 Hello Cheese Chopper Family!! 🧀

I am sorry for the delay in updates, things have been un-brielievably hectic, to say the least in the last two weeks and I wanted to have concrete info to share!! 

I know that is no excuse, but I can promise in the time I haven't been writing updates I have been absolutely GRINDING to get your Cheese Chopper in your hands as fast as humanly possible.  

The GRATE news is that we have the wire issue resolved and the new High Strength Stainless Steel wire should last you a lifetime!!

🧀 Manufacturing Issues 🧀

As I now see a few of you have assumed in the comments, we did run into a couple issues when we received the T1's and I have been working day and night to get them resolved as fast as possible!

We had 2 main Issues with the T1's beside the wire.

1) We found a small air leak in the main housing.  This was caused by the injector slide that goes into the main housing creating the gap for the handle being too small.  This left a small air gap near the bottom of the handle in the main housing- To fix this we had to make a completely new injector slide and install it in our original injection mold.

2) The second issue was with the Tray.  It came out of the molds looking great, but when it got the second shot injection mold adding the silicone pad to the top, the high temps caused the tray to bend and warp.  To fix this we created a second jig that the tray sits in during the injection mold holding it straight until the pad has stabilized.

Current Status

As of today, they have completed all of the alterations to the molds and are currently re polishing the molds so that the T2 housings can be made on Monday.  

All of our fingers are crossed this is the last revision needed however the most important thing is you get the GRATEST Cheese Slicing, Shredding and Storing device ever created!!

I can't thank you enough for your patience and understanding throughout this tedious process, we will do a better job keeping you in the loop as the T2's are completed!

-Mr. Cheese

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