🧀 Survey + Promotion + Indiegogo InDemand! 🧀


What an amazing finish to our GRATE Kickstarter campaign!!  Thank you for all the support!

With a big push at the end, we crossed the $100,000 mark making all of our Cheesiest Dreams come true!!!  


We sent surveys to collect shipment (and shirt) information this morning along with a Cheese Chopper Sale just for you!!!  Take a look and let us know if you have any questions! 

If you ordered a Cheese Chopper during our campaign, you can add on as many Cheese Choppers as you would like to all US orders for only $25 each with no shipping and handling!!!  

Just go to cheesechopper.com - click on the Kickstarter backer tab and enter promo code KICKSTARTER and make sure you are using the same email as you did on Kickstarter so we know who to link it to!!!  

Indiegogo InDemand

If you didn't pull the trigger on our Kickstarter campaign it's not too late!! We are live on Indiegogo InDemand until we place our first order with the factory. We figure we might as well keep the Cheese train runnin'.

If you hurry and get your order in before our inventory order is placed you will still be entered to win a year supply of free cheese!!!!

Indiegogo Link: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-cheese-chopper-world-s-best-cheese-device/x/23878338#/


Thanks for all your support!

-Mr. Cheese

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