🧀 We did it!! The Cheese Chopper is coming your way in a few short months! 🧀

🧀WAAAAAHHHHHOOOOOOO!!!!  We did it Cheese Nation!!!🧀

Thanks to you, in just under 8 days, we achieved our goal of $15,000 goal and are officially bringing the Cheese Chopper to life!!!!  

We can't thank you all enough for your support in helping turn the Cheese Chopper dream into a reality!!!  All of you working together have ensured that each and every one of you will be Choppin' Cheese in style in just a few short months!!!!  

🧀 We still have 3 weeks left in our campaign and are going to keep this Cheese Wave flowin'!  🧀

If you know someone who hasn't taken advantage of those huge cost savings, you better do it while they last!! Share the campaign and spread the cheese. 

Thanks again!!

- Mr. Cheese

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