🧀 Where'd 25lbs of Cheese go?? + T3 coming soon!! 🧀

🧀 Hello Cheese Choppers!!!! 🧀

Just wanted to give you a quick update on what's been going on!!! We have been rigorously testing the Cheese Chopper and it continues to Slice, Shred and Store your Cheese with Ease!!!!

We are still a couple of days away from getting the T3's out of the molds and you will be the first to get the update when we do but I figured I would address a few questions we had in the meantime!!

Slice Thickness!  

One of the GRATEst features of the cheese chopper is how thick or thin you can consistently "Cut the Cheese" 🤣 

The guillotine style guides, cheese adjustment wheel and high strength wire handle all work together to give you perfect cheese control and let you pick between thick or thin slices!!!  

The reason some of the slices in the last update are a bit thick is that I was chopping through 25lbs in a night and that's no easy feat!

Is it hard to use?  

Since the guillotine style guides hold the handle straight while you press directly down, the Cheese Chopper is actually very easy to use!!! As a matter of fact, here is a video of my 7-year-old niece Choppin some Cheese!!!

If that isn't GOUDA - Nough for you, my 2-year-old niece wanted to show everyone she can Chop that Cheese Just like the big kids!!!
Where'd 25lbs of Cheese go??

And finally, the question Everyone has been waiting for.... WHAT IN THE HECK DID WE DO WITH ALL THAT CHEESE????  

Well, it turns out the Slice doesn't fall far from the block, All of my family loves cheese too!!!!  

My Sister in law and Mom got huge Cheese Deliveries which they turned into their world-famous Mac and Cheese 😁. 

Here is a photo of 6 of the 15 pans that were made and given out to family and friends!! 

Thanks again for your patience and support!!! 

I absolutely can not wait to get the Cheese Choppers into your hands so you can kick those cheese knives and box graters to the curb and start Choppin Cheese in Style!!!

I will update you as soon as the T3's are en route!!

- Mr Cheese

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